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JQuery Set CSS property of Target

Using jquery to search for text of a div target and changing the font weight to bold. Good if you have something you need to change and cant..

Monitor the Scroll Position of the window and fire events with jquery

Sometimes its good to keep track of where the window is when scrolled.  This is an easy way to fire events and show/hide things depending ..

Youtube Video in Modal/Dialog stops when closed

Original Post Date: 12:57 am, October 14, 2014 So the issue with modals/dialog and iframe videos / youtube embeds is that they keep playing ..


This is a site where i basically just post whatever i feel like at the time, it has no one particular topic but usually. Just my ideas and links and random bits of code that i find.

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Looking for the kruxor minecraft server mc.kruxor.com? we have migrated it to... icekraft.com if you want to play on there just connect to play.icekraft.com:25535 or mc.kruxor.com should also still work.

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