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Animate on Scroll

Have you ever wanted to create one of those artsy sites that animates things as you scroll down, and only shows them when you have them on s..

Material Kit by Creative Tim - A Badass Bootstrap UI Kit based on Material Design.

I dont actually use bootstrap most of the time, however i love this ui kit for it! even the mouse clicks on the buttons look awesome. Very n..

Pure CSS 3D flip buttons

Pretty cool looking 3D flip buttons done in just CSS, using jade templates. See the Pen Pure CSS 3D flip buttons by Josh Shor (@jshor) on..

Creating a SVG from a PNG the easy way in 6 steps.

Original Post Date: 1:07 am, September 30, 2015 So SVG's are the "new" thing when it comes to nice smooth graphics on the web, depending on..


This is a site where i basically just post whatever i feel like at the time, it has no one particular topic but usually. Just my ideas and links and random bits of code that i find.

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Looking for the kruxor minecraft server mc.kruxor.com? we have migrated it to... icekraft.com if you want to play on there just connect to play.icekraft.com:25535 or mc.kruxor.com should also still work.

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