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50 Ways Successful People Live On Their Own Terms

Hmm i was reading up to about #1 and #8 and yeah idk about this, maybe has some good points. But fasting for 24 hours, i dont think so. S..

Zyzz - A lot of inspiration, fitness and a tragic ending

Original Post Date: 2:16 pm, July 27, 2014 So somehow i missed this one (gets out from under the rock). I just heared about this guy Zyzz or..


This is a site where i basically just post whatever i feel like at the time, it has no one particular topic but usually. Just my ideas and links and random bits of code that i find.

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Looking for the kruxor minecraft server mc.kruxor.com? we have migrated it to... icekraft.com if you want to play on there just connect to play.icekraft.com:25535 or mc.kruxor.com should also still work.

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