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3:05 am, May 18, 2017
So you want to set and read a cookie using javascript? Sounds like something that would be pretty hard and require a ton of plugins hey. Well it does not, just one js library required. I found the easiest library to use is js-cookie does not even re..

2:40 am, May 11, 2017
Sometimes i like to do things the hard way. So instead of using the jquery slideToggle function to show and hide the menu on this site, i found a function that can do it without using jquery...

2:17 am, April 23, 2017
Found this just the other day, and it looks pretty sweet. Have you ever wanted to add on a quick tour on how to use your website, or show the features one by one with a description.  Intro JS should do it for you. Here is how you set it up.&nbs..

2:17 am, April 23, 2017
Check out this awesome animation library. Anime (/?n.?.me?/) is a flexible yet lightweight Javascript animation library. It works with CSS, Individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects. Some examples See the Pen mgs anime.js log..