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Got my new PSP Go, WPA2 on the PSP Go, is it possible?

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 4:42 am, September 30, 2013

Apparently it is not... So i plugged in my new PSP Go last night, and was ready to download my 10 free games. heres how it all unfolded. Open PSP Box, Looking good, unit looks awesome great size, etc. Plug in the power adapter, no probs, turn device on. Spend about 10 minutes figuring out how to use the text input to name the device. No worries ;). Im sure i can get used to it, but dam its a bit too complicated. press X to cycle through a seemingly random amount of letters and then use the R to goto the next letter, i know sounds simple. Not so simple after a few beers. Then i go, sweet into the PSP Go operating system. Signup to PSN, cool. Your system needs an update. Fair enough. Scan for network access points. Finds my home wireless, Incompatable. Aww, why! Apparently WPA2 is not compatible with PSP Go. Say what? Pfft. Walk into computer room, boot up pc, change router setting to WPA. PSP Go Connects. Yay. Download update, ready to install update, make sure the PSP does not shutdown etc while updating. Then gets to the screen, your battery is not charged enought to apply the update, please wait until the battery has charged enough the installation will automatically continue. Fair enough, put psp upside down in box and go to bed. ;) So no exciting PSP action for me last night. Ah well wait for tonight to connect and give it a go. I found a few comments on the PSP Go Connecting to WPA2, apparently it cant be done. Maybe it will support it in a future patch. I guess its no biggie. kruxor psp go pic.jpgkruxor PSP Go Hand Grip.jpgkruxor psp movie sc.jpgkruxor sony psp go buttons 2.jpgkruxor PSP GO MESSENGER BT OK 748333.jpgkruxor psp sx001b  73428.jpgkruxor 9n0917 PSP Go720 320x240.jpgkruxor 1283966869121 hz cnmyalibaba web3 5070.jpgkruxor wbxnwp.jpg
On some routers choosing AES only forces WPA2 mode, so you may need to select TKIP+AES when using mixed mode. I think a lot of the trouble people have setting this stuff up has to do with the way many routers change things you think you have set. For instance, my old router would let you choose the security type, so I set WPA+WPA2 mixed mode. Then on the next panel I could choose encryption type (which was set to TKIP+AES when I chose mixed mode). So I chose AES only, and then it quietly changed the previouos security setting to WPA2 only as well. If I did not double-check everything before saving I would think I was all set with WPA+WPA2 mixed mode with AES, and get confused and frustrated when my PSP would not work. I used to deal with this kind of stuff daily and it drove me crazy. I emailed tech support to complain about the items that seemed to be independently selectable that actually forced changes to settings I had already made. I was told that they would pass along my concerns to the firmware team. Thought that would be the end of it, but was surprised later when I received another email telling me that a new firmware was out that addressed several issues, including the one I had brought to their attention. I thought, great, they fixed it and I'll be able to set things independently, right? Ummm... nope. Their "fix" was to gray out the buttons on the encryption type screen. The buttons are still there, you just can't click on them. LOL! I've seen this kind of confusing nonsense in pretty much every router brand. I have enough experience that I can always make it work, but I can see how someone not technically inclined could end up banging their head on the wall in frustration. Best advice I can give is to double-check everything before saving, and if it still doesn't work, update to the latest firmware. via here
The PSP does not support WPA2. Best security you can use is WPA-PSK (AES). You can set your router to WPA+WPA2 mixed mode and keep using WPA2 on devices that support it. The PSP is an 802.11b device, so in addition to setting your router to WPA+WPA2 mixed mode, you must also be sure it is set to support wireless "B" devices (many N routers have B support off by default). The access point I use with my cable broadband is set to B/G/N support and WPA+WPA2 mixed mode. My netbook is using wireless-N with WPA2, my phone is using wireless-G with WPA2, and my PSPgo is using wireless-B with WPA-PSK (AES). They all connect fine. I have a DSL connection too (beta testing a new digital TV service and got 26 megabit Internet along with that). The DSL wireless B/G gateway is also set to WPA+WPA2 mixed mode, and my PSPgo and other devices connect without issue. There really shouldn't be any need to use WPA-only mode, and certainly no need to use the old broken WEP security! I use my Go on connections at friend's homes as well, on several different routers, and they're all set up the same way (WPA+WPA2 mixed mode). Haven't had any trouble, other than getting long keys entered correctly with the PSP's crappy input system. via here