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why i switched from world of warcraft to minecraft

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 4:34 am, September 30, 2013

i know its a big jump for some. here is a quick breakdown of pros and cons combined.


  • cost one off $25
  • one character
  • community
  • relaxing

World of Warcraft:

  • cost, initial game + $15 a month, about $180 a year (roughly)
  • choosing between multiple classes, some op and some not so op.
  • community
  • some activities can be relaxing, depends what your in to.

I know there two totally different games, but i have somehow made the switch to minecraft over world of warcraft. Its probably a weird switch, but with world of warcraft i quit for probably about 9 months after playing since launch in the end of 2004. then i came back for the MOP expansion, and i think im out again at least until the next upgrade.

I loved the expansion and how they did it, i leveled to 90 in a couple of weeks no stress. Got ganked a few times by people that are already 90 but that happens you get over it. Then i got into the whole battle pets thing and collecting them, awesome fun. but is it enough to spend my $15 a month on doing that over and over. I dont like raiding, i dont like doing dungeons, and i used to like PVP but its so much the same grinding the battle grounds over and over, it can get quite depressing.

In minecraft you login, and do whatever you want. Go mine some more, build a mob grinder, explore, farm stuff, collect more supplies.

Im sure i will get bored of it eventually, but then you can join a server and its free or you donate $5 a month to keep the server going. idk for me its a lot more relaxing to play that than world of warcraft at the moment.

With an hour a night of gaming i would prefer to spend it on playing minecraft than play one or two battlegrounds in wow for a piece of blue gear every couple of days so i can PVP some more.

Few hints to make minecraft better, if you are thinking of converting:
- Download MCPatcher
- get docucraft 1.4
- Zan's Minimap 1.4.2
Love this map mod, very useful!

I only use a 32 bit texture as i feel it still leaves the graphics pretty much intact but just takes the edge off a bit from the 8 bit graphics.

Watch some Ethos Lab... So addicted to this. Gives me inspiration to build more stuff!