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Demon Hunter Guide - Inferno 101

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 4:47 am, September 30, 2013

So i have been playing a bit of Diablo 3 lately. Getting quite tricky when you get up too hell and inferno, so i found this guide from the forums seems quite good. Source at the bottom.


Also trying these builds:





Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 - Gearing Up
  • Section 2 - Skill Builds
  • Section 2b - Advanced Builds
  • Section 3 - Fighting Elites
  • Section 4 - Helpful Resources
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ

**** Introduction

This is a guide for anyone making the switch from Hell to Inferno. For the first time in your life, you can't one-shot everything which typically means a lot of dying on your part. Most Demon Hunters can make it through Hell without much difficulty because you don't really have to learn how to survive. All those Hunter and Defense type skills take a back seat to Multishot, Cluster Arrow, and the infamous Elemental arrow. You can get away with having four different Hatred spenders. That time is now over.

**** Section 1 - Gearing Up

#1 Priority = Your New Weapon

To start inferno the single most important upgrade to buy is your WEAPON. You need a level 60 2-hand weapon with at least 800 DPS. You need to be level 60 to enter Inferno, but you can still get an 800 DPS weapon at level 58 to help you grind the last few levels. However it will cost you around 200k instead of 50k. Simply look for a weapon level 60 - 60 and choose the filter for "Reduce Level Requirement". Set the value to 60 minus your current level (ie 2 if you are level 58). If you are lower than 58 the pricing for the suggestions listed in this guide will likely be significantly more expensive, and it will probably be a better use of your money to wait until at least 58 to upgrade.

When searching for your new weapon, the single thing you are looking for is HIGH DPS. I personally recommend a crossbow because because of the bonus it receives from the passive ability Archery (in addition to it's high DPS and slow attack speed), but if the bows you can afford have significantly higher DPS, or you prefer a bow then you can go that route.

If you have a little extra money and want to snag some extra stats look for either Crit Damage or a socket (which you can green gem for Crit Damage). These are relatively cheap stats compared to Dexterity. Attack Speed and Life Steal are significantly less valuable to you right now because they are percent based which means they rely on already having high damage. For the same reason, they are MORE valuable to players with high damage (who have a lot of money driving the price of these stats up).

Important Note - DON'T hold out for a rare with 100 dexterity, attack speed, life steal, etc. You're unlikely to be able to afford it, or you will end up hurting yourself in the end because your DPS will be too low to kill any elites. It is totally OK, and usually a BETTER choice to get a magic (blue color) weapon at first because they are relatively cheap for how much DPS they do. Remember, Inferno is all about incremental upgrades. Don't waste all your money on one piece of gear in the beginning.

Concerning Hand Crossbows - You may be tempted to "be different" and go with 1-hand weapons, but this is a mistake when first playing Inferno. While it is true that LATER you may be able to have excellent DPS with exceptional attack speed, you just aren't there yet. In order for fast 1-handers to really shine you would need a full set of very high damage gear (with a lot of bonus to attack speed, a lot of Crit, and a lot of dexterity). But the single most important reason is that YOU are not as good at surviving as you think you are. The majority of your time and attention will be on kiting. You will RARELY have a free second to shoot, and when you do it needs to count. That means a 2-hander that does 700-900 damage is what you need right now, not 1-handers that do 100-600 damage.

#2 Priority = The Rest of Your Gear

Here is what Inferno Act 3 and 4 players are looking for:
Attack Speed > Crit + Crit Damage > Dex

But that is NOT what you are looking for. Attack Speed is absolutely excellent when you already have a lot of damage (more than 30k) and when you already know how to survive. You are extremely unlikely to be in that situation at the beginning of inferno, so AVOID the expensive Attack Speed items.

You will be looking for:
Max Discipline > Crit + Crit Damage > Dex > All Resist > Vit
Being new to Inferno, you're going to blow through a lot of Discipline trying to learn how to survive. You won't always use it in appropriate situations, and the more you have the faster you'll learn how to get away with less.

Here's a great tip from gotReef concerning + Max Discipline gear:

I like to think of my disc pool as "how many times can I SS in a row". SS costs 14 disc w/o runing or perf. Also consider that base disc regen is 1 disc/sec so in actuality, the cost is 12.5 disc for duration (using lingering fog, and god knows why you would pick anything else). So with 50, you can cast 4 back-to-back SS. For me this is the magic number as it gives 8 SS with prep.

Helm / Bracers / Rings / Belt / Shoulders - Offensive Focus
You should be able to pick up 2-3% Crit with 60-70 Dex on both your rings and your helm as well as your bracers for relatively little gold. As always, try to grab some Vit or Crit Damage if possible. For your belt look for 120 Dex and 60 Vit, and for the shoulders 100 Dex and 60 Vit.

Gloves / Quiver / Amulet - The Crit Boosters
This is where you can pick up the most Crit Chance. For your Quiver, you will focus on as much Max Discipline and Crit Chance as you can find, preferably with Hatred Regen, but not at the cost of Discipline. For your gloves, try to find 6-7% Crit Chance, with 70-80 Dex and any amount of Crit Damage. Finally, for the amulet, look for 100 Dex and 30% Crit Damage.

Chest / Pants - Defensive Focus
The most important thing to find here is + Max Discipline (at least +7) for your chest piece. The rest of your chest piece and all of your pants will be dedicated to Dex and Vit. If you have enough money, try to find some All Resist on your pants as well. Try searching for different combinations. Remember that sockets can make up the difference so these ar