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Tech News + Articles for 6th August 2014

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 12:19 am, August 6, 2014

Om and Flux (An Ongoing Experiment)

Facebook has recently been talking a little bit about Flux, their architecture for building client-side web applications. Here I talk a little about adapting that architecture to a client-side app built with Om. Link

NASA Will Make Oxygen From CO2 On the Surface of Mars

NASA just announced a machine that sucks in carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and pumps out pure oxygen for use in rocket fuel. Link

Arrow: Better dates and times for Python

Arrow is a Python library that offers a sensible, human-friendly approach to creating, manipulating, formatting and converting dates, times, and timestamps. It implements and updates the datetime type, plugging gaps in functionality, and provides an intelligent module API that supports many common creation scenarios. Simply put, it helps you work with dates and times with fewer imports and a lot less code. Arrow is heavily inspired by moment.js and requests. Link