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In Car Dash Nexus 7 Work Log

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 2:27 am, July 28, 2014

Thought this was pretty cool. If you need to update your in car media / gps this is a good and cost effective way if not a little bit of effort.

Well, I know worklogs are normally done over time with updates now and then showing the progress, but as the Internet says, "Ain't nobody go time fo' dat!".

I had been thinking of putting a tablet in 2005 Liberty 3.0R-B for a while, ever since seeing some people putting carputers in an area of the dash seemingly made for it. I figured given how far the Android OS, and the apps for it had come, a tablet had to be a better option, requiring less hardware, and having more car-focused software available.

Did a little research and quickly came across Timur's USB ROM OS. It's based on CyanogenMod 10.1, and the developer had been hard at work getting Nexus 7's to charge and provide USB OTG connectivity at the same time. The progress was really good so I decided to go with it. Shortly after, I found a deal on OzBargain for a price-matched Nexus 7 32gb WiFi for $204. Bang, that bargain sealed the deal.

In the 2 weeks it took for my dash parts to facilitate the install to arrive, even more advances were made on the ROM, making it possible for the Nexus 7 to deep sleep and airplane mode when not charging, and wake up and de-airplane mode when charging. That meant no need for Tasker or anything fancy, the ROM is truly incredible in what it provides for fixed installations.

I'm a bit fussy when it comes to music, so when I saw that the USB-ROM supported USB DAC's there was no other option, I grabbed a reasonable USB DAC and never looked back. A 1TB external HDD takes care of music and video storage.

Parts used:

Nexus 7 with Timur's USB-ROM
Subaru 7" AV Panel Kit
Subaru Info Panel Relocation Kit
Electric Design FSL-21 McIntosh AUX in unit
Mini-Box DCDC-USB Power Supply
Behringer USB DAC
4-port USB Hub

Anyway, pics or ban and all that, here you go...

Genuine 7" AV Panel kit, ordered from JapanParts

Info Panel relocated from where the screen now sits to where the ashtray used to sit

Required wiring including the Mini-Box DCDC-USB power supply (for a more robust power source), 12v constant lead from fuse box, acc power lead from the old cigarette lighter plug on the dash loom and the DCDC-USB's output plug with a female USB socket soldered on.

Mounting was done with a hard case for the tablet, with 90deg brackets araldite'd on. USB cable goes into air vent, then back out again behind the tablet. Holes silicone-d up to stop air leaks.

All mounted up, slightly crooked at the time of this photo, but that was squared up prior to install.

Everything pulled out of dash ready for install. Not as daunting as it looks really.

Wiring in the top area behind where the Nexus is mounted. Here is where the DCDC-USB, 4-port hub and USB DAC live.

1TB HDD now lives in this area, and the switch at the back allows me to leave the tablet powered for charging, or playing while the car is off.

Here it is all installed. 


Torque Pro

Google Maps Navigation

Google Maps

TuneIn Radio

Tablet Talk

Via: Over Clockers Forum