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Custom Perspex Mini Golden Watercooled HT 160w DC-DC powered

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Original Post Date: 4:31 am, September 30, 2013


1x 5mm Perspex 297x210mm base (clear)
5x 3mm Perspex 297x210mm (glass effect)
8x 90 degree Channel Aluminium Extrusion (joined to 4 posts)
2x20 char LCD Display
Mini switch & LED's


i3-3240 (2c4t)
AsRock Z77E-Itx
8Gb G.Skill DDR3
HD7750 LP (Sapphire)
200w 160w PicoPSU XT 
203w (12v 16.5A) Xbox 360 Brick
OCZ Agility3 120Gb
300Gb WD VR
500Gb WD Scorpio Blue
Sony Slim Mini Sata BD


DangerDen DD-M6 brass CPU block 
AlphaCool NexXxos X2 Bold Highflow 775 (chopped to 1155)
Raystorm GPU block
Swiftech MCW60 Chip block
120mm Brass radiator
120mm Enermax TB Silence Magma
2x 80mm Enermax Magma's
1x 90mm AC F9
DDC - EK Res Top
60mm Reservoir & Phobya lid
BP Angles & Elbows
BP Multi-Link adapters 
Swiftech rotaries
12mm OD Acrylic Pipe

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11:14 pm, February 25, 2016 738 313



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