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FGX XR8 The Last of the Australian Ford Falcon

FGX XR8 The Last of the Australian Ford Falcon

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Original Post Date: 3:00 am, November 11, 2015

Here are the specs and some pictures of one of the last Aussie made muscle cars. You have the front end of a lancer and the backend of a Jaguar, but we will still miss you! Oh wait there still selling them at the moment, get one while you still can!

  • Engine Power: 335kW @ 5750rpm
  • Engine Type: V8
  • Compression Ratio: 9.3
  • Torque: 570Nm @ 2200-5500rpm
  • Power to Weight Ratio: 183.9 (W/kg)
  • Induction: Supercharged
  • Fuel Consumption (Combined): 13.7 (L/100km)
  • Fuel Consumption (Highway): 9.8 (L/100km)
  • Fuel Consumption (Urban): 20.6 (L/100km)


11:14 pm, February 25, 2016 962 119 source



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