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2:17 am, April 23, 2017

So usually i try and keep my bookmarks fairly up to date and then i forget about them. and just remember the url's anyway. So here i will try and sort through my Favorite bookmarks. (yeah my browser faves are so much of a mess that i hardly even use them anymore, just the top bar links)

These are sites that i acutally actively use, so if i stop using the site or app (or code) i will remove it from this list to keep it nice and fresh! :P

My Top 10 Pages

This is my top 10 just from the amount that i visit them, probably not very exciting. 

  1. inbox.google.com
  2. news.ycombinator.com
  3. feedreader.com : just like the old google news reader (kinda) add rss feeds and it automatically lists them in one massive feed. 
  4. simplenote.com : take notes online and you can get an app that syncs with them as well very handy!
  5. youtube.com : no explanation needed here.
  6. imgur.com : much better than reading the news
  7. facebook.com : im not that regular with this as its a massive time sink, but i do go there occationally to see whats happening. 
  8. overclockers.com.au : i used to go here every day but i stopped as i forgot about it, still a great site with a great community.
  9. codepen.io : very useful, test and create code (html, css, js)
  10.  : yeah i develop a lot locally so this has to be up there for me i think as i probably spend 80% of my time on local sites.

Local Tools

Web Dev

  • Font-Awesome Cheatsheet : A reference for the latest font awesome icons.
  • Font Awesome Animations : Add animations to the font awesome icons. 
  • Animate.css : Add some nice animations to any html element. You can use this instead of the font awesome animations so i tend to use this rather than the font awesome animations above this. 
  • CDNJS : find pretty much any javascript library and link to it straight from this great source. 
  • codepen.io : write and test code online, html css and js. 
  • Code Tabbifier : Ever need to add some nice tabs to some ugly (un-tabbed) code, this one should do it for you. 
  • html-ipsum : Quick Snippits of ipsum text all ready formatted for your usage.
  • EasyPHP Dev Server : Easy to install and use development server for php, just install it and you are good to go. 
  • Script Src : great place to get the latest versions of jquery and other popular libraries, i have recently started just using cdnjs for these though so will remove this from the list pretty soon. 
  • highlightjs.org : just started using this one on here, needed a nice quick code highlighter, seems to work ok so far.
  • Start Bootstrap : in need of a quick and free template for bootstrap this is a great resource with live previews and downloads with no registration required.
  • Get Grav : an open source flat file cms. Looks really slick.
  • Web Design in 4 minutes : an awesome page showing how to make a great looking site with very minimal styles.




  • underscores.me : a great start if you want to make your own wordpress theme. Sets up all the initial code for a theme.


  • Podcast Down : Good place to find and download podcasts directly.



Graphics / Image Editing

Stock Images

I always find these free stock images places and then forget them so im going to list all that i find here!

Image Editing

  • GIMP : I have been using this as a photoshop replacement for years now! I still use photoshop for the big stuff, or to convert it to a jpg or gif. 
  • Paint.NET : I started using this one ever since i got a QHD screen, and gimp is still tiny and a bit hard to use, this one also does not scale perfectly but its not too bad. Very good features as well, good to have this and gimp installed for all your photo editing needs. 

3D Options

  • makehuman.org : Model Humans like a 3D App without all the hastle, however its more limited.
  • blender.org : Open Source 3D Modeling + Rendering. Quite hard to use massive learning curve.

Screen Recording / Video Tools

  • OBS Project : Great for streaming video, and recording pretty much anything that shows up on your screen.
  • Handbrake : The open source video transcoder, convert any video format to any other format.
  • WinFF : A very nice and basic video converter for windows and linux with no added spyware, just does the job.