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Dell XPS 9530 getting frame rate drop when playing minecraft

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

So i have noticed this for a while now, when playing fallout 4 and minecraft that after a couple of minutes my frame rate drops to about 10, so annoying.

So now im trying this fix, as apparently the GPU is throttling down and limiting the frame rate which is great... Not.

I went into my power settings, and under Processor Power Management, set the System Cooling to: ACTIVE and set the Maximum Processor State to: 80%.

Just trying this now, it is about 32 c in here at the moment to i guess thats why its overheating.

Dropped to 70% and will see if it still overheats.

At 70% it seems to run pretty well at 40-50 frames in mincraft, however i do have a fan pointing at it as well to cool it down a bit. 

If you want to do some more serious tweaking, which i have not yet tested my self you could try the following.

nvidiaInspector.exe -setGPUClock:0,1,941 -setMemoryClock:0,1,2000 -setPStateLimit:0,5 -forcePState:0,5

I will explain what it does - every part.

  1. nvidiaInspector.exe - the executable of nvidia inspector
  2. -setGPUClock:0,1,941 will set on GPU#0 (our nvidia card), powerstate level 1, 941 MHz on core clock
  3. -setMemoryClock:0,1,2000 will set on GPU#0 (our nvidia card), powerstate level 1, 2000 MHz on memory clock
  4. -setPStateLimit:0,5 -forcePState:0,5 will set the GPU#0 on powerstate P5 as the default state level and maximum level that gpu can reach

Nvidia 750m has three powerstates P0, P5, P8. P8 is most power saving plan with coreclock 135MHz. P5 is mid saving plan which can be customized to our needs from 0 MHz - 4000 MHz. P0 is most performant power plan with turboboost and can be only underclocked by offset of the turboboost +135MHz - -135MHz. We do not want this turboboost to toggle so we use the P5 state and overclock this state to 941MHz which is the default core clock. That's it.

I get a maximum of 75°C degrees while rendering, benchmarking, gaming. It never hits the 80°C or throttle down. via here

This laptop is now about 2 years old, so i guess i can expect it to start deteriorating now. The hard drive lasted about 1.5 years before totally melting down, and it was a massive bottle neck on this laptop anyway. It started causing errors on the drive and then eventually just would not boot, and the hard drive started beeping and will not even spin up.

So i replaced the factory 1tb wd drive with a msata drive and now it runs awesome! Apart from this latest feature of the frame rate dropping to 5-10 fps in minecraft and in fallout 4. Or pretty much any graphic intensive app. For a laptop of this price i would really expect it to be a bit better, basically im throttling down the CPU to run at only 70% just so i can get a half decent frame rate which is a bit average really.