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Lamborghini Veneno do you think its Ugly?

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 4:52 am, July 14, 2014

Apparently it has been labled the Ugliest Lambo Ever. Maybe it will grow on us?

I actually think it looks pretty mean. At least its different. Some will love it and some will hate it, but at 3 million euro's your not going to be seeing many of them on the road anyway.

Cost: ~$3,000,000 Euro.

Power: 550 Kilowatts / 750 Horsepower.

0-60 Miles: 2.8 Seconds.

Availabllity: Only three of these will ever be made, so you probably arent going to be getting one of these any time soon.


Engine 6.5-Liter V-12 Engine
Horsepower 750 Horsepower
0 To 60 Mph 2.8 Seconds
Top Speed 221 Mph