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Cheap Dash Cam Review from EBay

Cheap Dash Cam Review from EBay

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Not sure why but these things (dash cams) are popular at the moment and you can pick one up for about $20 plus the memory card. 

I was interested in seeing how one works. People dont usually expect much from a $10-$20 item from ebay or ali express but these things seem ok.

Not sure how long this link will work, so i will include a screen shot of it Ebay Link.

Here is the description, i assume they will use similar ones. 
Mini Car DVR Camera Dash Cam 1080P Full HD Video Registrator Recorder G-sensor N

Also known by some sellers as the DVR GT300.

This camera claims to be 1080p but its actually.. low quality 720p. Some of the videos recorded seem to be in 1080 and it has a quality setting in the menu, so not sure if it can do full 1080 or not until fully tested. 

Here is an example on ali express of this camera, for around 11-15 usd including a memory card for the more expensive price. 

Clips record for three minutes into a file and then it skips for about a second to record a new file. So you may loose some vital footage while its switching files. It records a file and then once the memory card is full it will start overwriting the oldest file,

Here is a video showing the camera being unboxes and some demo footage from Ryaniwk

This one looks identical but comes in a box so looks like its the same just priced up a bit due to the packaging. The lense looks actually a bit smaller on this one:

This following video shows the camera operating at night as well as in the day time, it looks pretty good.

8:12 pm, July 19, 2016 471 439



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