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2:17 am, April 23, 2017

So i like my coffee. And currently i have a Woolworths Pod Coffee Machine at home. Which is quite nice if you make the coffee correctly, dont add too much water per pod.

I was thinking the other day wouldnt it be nice to get a normal espresso machine again and just use normal coffee beans instead of the pods again. 

My brother bought a sunbeam coffee machine and it (or he) makes an awesome coffee with it. He paid about $600 - $700 aud for it from the factory.

I was looking at something around the $100-$200 mark personally to replace the pod machine and still not stop working in the first couple of months. 

Starting at the bottom of the range we have the kambrook cafe duo espresso machine KES150. You can pick one of these up new for around $150 maybe cheaper if you shop around and find a good bargan. 

Looks pretty good, has the milk steamer and 15 bar pressure pump. Not too many fancy things that can break on this one so should make a quite decent coffee with this one. 

I cant find any actual reviews of the kes150 so note sure how good it is. There is a few reviews floating around for the previous model the kes110 and its fairly average reviews there. Most people give it 4/5 stars so thats not too bad. And this is an updated model so should be better right?

Ok so say i buy one of these machines for around $150. How long until it pays for its self with my labour of making coffees rather than paying someone else to do it verses just sticking with the pod machine. 

I'm currently paying in the city $3.50 for a large coffee, and usually when i go out i pay around $4.00 - $4.50 for a coffee. Which is why im guessing there are so many new cafe's popping up.

I am currently paying $11 for my breakfast in the city as well, which adds up to... $2112 per year! as i only currenly work four days a week, although this is a tasty breakfast i need to write that figure down here so that i can keep looking at it and think man is it really worth that much just for breakfast! The anwer of course is no its not worth it at all. Stop paying that much for breakfast! :) 

But i digress, what was i talking about, ah yeah coffee machines. 

Ok so $150 fo a coffee machine. How many coffee's is that. 42.85 coffee's or to round it up 43 coffee's will buy me that coffee machine. 

Lets have a look at the coffee. Pod's vs Beans vs Pre ground.

Pods: I currently quite like the taste of the Moccona Espresso Pods, and currently they are half price! bargan. But for on-going costs lets assume that they are the normal price of $9.50 so thats about $0.59 per coffee. Already thats a great deal really even without the discount.

Beans: This one is a bit hard to workout as how do i know how many beans im going to use. 

According to google:

Professional coffee tasters use: exactly two (2) tablespoons (7 to 9 grams or 2 scoop of a standard coffee measure) of ground coffee beans for each six (6) ounces of water. For 4 cups (6 ounces each) of coffee, measure out 8 generous tablespoons (30 to 35 grams) of fresh ground coffee beans.

So i guess we can guess around 35 grams per coffee. 

Ill pick a random mid range coffee bean pack to use for this example / calculation.

Here we have some Vittoria Beans 1kg for around $19. So if one coffee uses approx 35grams per coffee that is...  $0.019 per gram x 35 = $0.665 per cup! Unless my calculations are incorrect which they may be. Still talking around $0.65 cents per cup, which is exactly the same as the pods! At that price anyway. And that will change a lot depending on the beans that you want to get and how much you want to spend.

Ok so its not exactly the same but its around the same price per cup. 

I dont think ill bother with pre-ground prices as its pretty much the same price from a quick search.

So price wise its around the same or a bit more expensive to have your own ground coffee than it is to use pods even at full price. But then $0.65 per cup is a lot cheaper than the retail cafe price of $3.50

Lets see how many coffee's id need to buy to pay for the coffee machine and 1kg bag of coffee beans.

$150 + 19 = $169

Beans Savings + Coffee Machine

Savings per coffee $3.50 - 0.65 = $2.85 saving per coffee.

59.29 Coffee's to buy the coffee machine and a 1kg bag of beans with the savings from buying a normal daily coffee.

Not too bad, in about 2 months the machine would have paid for its self in savings so say it works for its full 12 months warranty. Hopefully longer than that but worst case it will pay its self off in about 60 days and save me... $869.25

Based on having only one coffee per day and having it every single day of the year, which would not happen. But good for calculation purposes. Not bad!

Savings Keeping the current Pod Machine

Just keep buying pods at full price and this is how much it will save me over a year, as i already own the machine. But lets say i dont own the maching and need to buy one. I think there fairly cheap as they want to sell you one to get you hooked on buying the pods. Kinda what they do with the printers and cartridge refills.

You can currently pick up a pod machine for half price of around $50 for the cafe italy and the aldi one you can get at a similar price. 

Savings per coffee $3.50 - 0.59 = $2.91 saving per coffee.

So if i buy the machine for $50 + a packet of Pods for $9.50 we start off with $59.50 to pay off 20.44 coffee's.

So in ~21 days you have paid off the pod machine and the 1st box of pods which leaves 344 days in which to save $2.91 per day which works out to be $1001.04

Summary - To Pod or Not to Pod

Not too shabby, if you stop buying your daily coffee and get a pod machine you will save around $1000 in the first year*.

If you opt to get a cheap espresso machine it will save you around $869.25 in the first year*.

And this is just based on prices that i searched for online and will obviously vary a lot! However you can see how the savings can add up if you are willing to give up your daily cafe made coffee.

The only thing i cant test without actually buying a machine is the taste of a coffee made from the cheap espresso machine, im guessing it would be better with practice using the machine. But id have to get one to test that out.

* compared to buying a $3.50 coffee from a cafe every day.

http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2256412 http://www.kambrook.com.au/cafe-duo-espresso-machine.html http://www.productreview.com.au/p/kambrook-kes110.html