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Top 10 Best : World of Warcraft Cos Play

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Edit: Almost Top 10, im still working on it, this googling takes a lot of time ok!

Can i google / google images random stuff to make content? Yeah im in a weird mood.

Well i guess i can do that, here goes. "Best World of Warcraft Cos Play".

Ill have to edit/filter the results in to non x rated content. Not that there will be any of that kind of thing. Also i will be removing the low res ones, they have to be 750 width or more to make this top list!

Here are the rules:

  • no full nudity, same as the facebook policy of nudity. No rude bits.
  • Res must be over 750px wide (at the time of this, that is the width of this sites content)
  • if they dont have a title i will make one up
  • sources will be provided below each image.
  • P.S you have to guess the titles i made up :P 

Here we go!

Three Elf Chicks

Source Pinterest

Awesome World Of Warcraft Orc Cosplay at Katsucon 2

Source You Tube

Vanessa VanCleef (World of Warcraft) - Cosplay of the D..

yeah im not sure what the D stands for, but it looks good. Actually i just checked the link and it stands for.. Day! Makes sense now.


The Coolest Cosplay from Blizzcon 2014

Eh who uses webp for images, all the cool people i spose, not me anyway.. 


All this googling and linking image is taking me longer than i thought it would! Must keep going, getting to the good stuff. The top of the list is never the best stuff is it. Maybe need to be more specific with my search keywords.

Whats the best wow cosplay you have seen? : wow

Yep this is my number one so far for the list!


This Chinese WoW Gamer's Cosplay is Almost Professional

Ok this one didnt quite meet my guidelines, but hey it makes the list as its my list!