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Pr3dator8 watercooled a mini PC

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 5:56 am, July 16, 2014

Cable management was such a challenge. it looks pretty **** i know. the cables were too short to route them so that they were completely hidden ...I ended up cleaning up those cables on the left near the fans btw.

I forgot to mention before. I ended up having to put a right angle sata cable in before mounting my vid card, Being a dual slot card it ended up covering all the sata ports on the motherboard...tight fit ay.

Dont judge my budget brand graphics card lol.

Here are the ummmm "ventilation holes" since i couldnt fit the front USB ports there

Excuse the finger prints

I kinda like this photo. u can just see the compression fittings through the holes :P

For some size comparison against my raven