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Some of the Best Looking and Weirdest Case Mods Ever

2:17 am, April 23, 2017

Original Post Date: 1:35 am, July 30, 2014

Well i thought i would bring you some of the Coolest and also a little bit weird case mods that i have found over the years. Here is a weird one: The Leela from Futurama Paper Mache Case, Kinda Speaks for its self. Little on the weird side of things.

And while were on the futurama topic, here is a bender case mod. Remember CD's? ;)

Ok this one is in the cool / best looking category, although it doesent look like it was heaps of work, Still pretty pimp if your into the matrix, which i am...

Ah remember the days of NES, and NES controllers. Man i got some serously sore thumbs from these things! Mmm Thumb Callis, Well anyway somone made a massive one, and put a PC in it. Hey if you have that much spare time why not.

Well this one isn't so much of a case mod as it is a smashed or in this case shot mac book, but anyway i guess it fits into the weird category somewhat. no idea why anyone would do that to a computer of any sort even if it is a mac.

You have to love the batmobile, and now its a case as well! Along with bright blue and red LED's!

And lastly one from the weird collection, the Microwave PC. Cook some microwave popcorn while staring at your screen... maybe.