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Some of the Best Looking and Weirdest Case Mods Ever

Some of the Best Looking and Weirdest Case Mods Ever

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Original Post Date: 1:35 am, July 30, 2014

Well i thought i would bring you some of the Coolest and also a little bit weird case mods that i have found over the years. Here is a weird one: The Leela from Futurama Paper Mache Case, Kinda Speaks for its self. Little on the weird side of things.

And while were on the futurama topic, here is a bender case mod. Remember CD's? ;)

Ok this one is in the cool / best looking category, although it doesent look like it was heaps of work, Still pretty pimp if your into the matrix, which i am...

Ah remember the days of NES, and NES controllers. Man i got some serously sore thumbs from these things! Mmm Thumb Callis, Well anyway somone made a massive one, and put a PC in it. Hey if you have that much spare time why not.

Well this one isn't so much of a case mod as it is a smashed or in this case shot mac book, but anyway i guess it fits into the weird category somewhat. no idea why anyone would do that to a computer of any sort even if it is a mac.

You have to love the batmobile, and now its a case as well! Along with bright blue and red LED's!

And lastly one from the weird collection, the Microwave PC. Cook some microwave popcorn while staring at your screen... maybe.

11:14 pm, February 25, 2016 1,850 703


Leela and Bender casemods are mine :) Both still working :) but hardware is gettings old :)
you can see more of my projects on my homepage www.vang1.net including my new Absolut Vodka Case
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