include tinymce only if a user is logged into the site

For google page speed i had an issue when every page was loading tinymce, which is quite a large script.

I only actually use this script when editing pages, so this is the change i made to only insert it into the template if a user is logged into the site. 

This was related to : Google Page Speed Cleanup and Testing


// global.php
$tiny_mce_js = "";
if(isset($_SESSION["global_login"])) {
  $tiny_mce_js = '<script src="" integrity="sha256-rjy8f5xTyKOb6CxACEd6Vc99uhhjTKuqmTMrZ7TbdOA=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>';

/* index.html (template) */
replace the script with 
[ @ tiny_mce_js]

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