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4:20 am, January 18, 2022

function to delete older sqlite records when the limit is reached

I had an issue where a sqlite database was hitting over 100,000 records and this was causing quite a lot of lag and crashing on my server, the number of records was not really meant to be this high, so i can just keep a few thousand so it does not cause lag.

This is the function i added and run before or after the latest item is inserted to remove older items in the database. 


// this will delete records over the specified number if run.
// it will keep the latest $records_to_keep number and delete older ones.
public function delete_over($records_to_keep = 1000) {
  $db_table_name = $this->db_table_name;
  $sql = "DELETE FROM $db_table_name WHERE ROWID IN (SELECT ROWID FROM $db_table_name ORDER BY ROWID DESC LIMIT -1 OFFSET $records_to_keep)";
  $result = $this->db->query($sql);

// example run on keywords class
$keywords->delete_over($records_to_keep = 1000);

External Link for function to delete older sqlite records when the limit is reached

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