replacement slider for ken wheeler's slick carousel tiny slider 2 [testing]

I have been looking for a little while for a replacement for the now classic and a bit depreciated, ken wheeler's slick carousel.

After a bit of looking around i think the best replacement, is a non JQuery slider, which is...

Tiny Slider



Ill give it a quick go below, and see how easy it is to get working. 

Working Example: 

Another Working Test: 

Test Video: 

Still trying to get working:

  • text overlay on image background
  • text overlay on video
  • video should cover the slide container the same way background images do


<div class='tiny-slider'>
  <div class='slide slide1'>
    <div class='slide-overlay'>
      <div class='slide-title'>Slide One</div>
  <div class='slide slide2'>
  	<img src="" alt="">
  <div class='slide slide3'>
	<div class='video-slide'>
		<video id="desk" loop autoplay muted>
			<source src="/videos/small.mp4" type="video/mp4">

          <ul class="controls" id="customize-controls">
            <li class="prev">
              <img src="images/angle-left.png" alt="">
            <li class="next">
              <img src="images/angle-right.png" alt="">
          <div class="playbutton-wrapper">
            <button id="customize-toggle">Pause</button>


.slide {
.slide img {
.slide video {
.slide1 {
	background:url( center no-repeat;
.slide-overlay {


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-06CZo7raVnbbD3BlY8/hGUoUCuhk8sTdVGV3m3nuh9i2R+UmkLbLRTE/My8TuJ3ALbDulhBObJQWtOUt0mXzNQ==" crossorigin="anonymous" />
<script src=""></script>


document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { 
const slider = tns({
    container: '.tiny-slider',
    loop: true,
    items: 1,
    slideBy: 'page',
    nav: true,    
    autoplay: true,
    speed: 400,
    autoplayButtonOutput: false,
    mouseDrag: true,
    lazyload: true,
    controlsContainer: "#customize-controls"
    /*responsive: {
        640: {
            items: 2,
        768: {
            items: 3,

Slide One

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