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6:16 am, August 6, 2021

still more comment spam

this is getting annoying now. so much spam. i already have the google recapture, but spam is still getting through.

who runs this stuff, bots i guess. annoying. 

update: 10 August 2021

Still getting random spam here, i guess i need to add more spam checks, how does it bypass the google recapture. Unless its posting it without the form.

find the ip address, it seems they are adding the "code" to the user or nick name field, so i need to limit the characters on that one, its all sql safe and escaped anyway so it cant harm anything, its just annoying to delete 2500 rows of spam every day. 


SELECT * FROM "comments" WHERE "user_ip" LIKE '%'

now delete all this spam and move to the next ip, also add the ip to the block list


DELETE FROM "comments" WHERE "user_ip" LIKE '%'

I think the issue or one of the issues is that there is no limit or filter on the nickname field, so need to add a filter and limit here.

Update: 14 Sep 2021

It seems i have still not solved this particular issue and have to keep going into the database and clearing out all the spam. 

Here is an example:

22 Sep 2021

The bots are still trying. 

hundreds of spam still incoming, trying to add strings into the nick name field on the comments, all from the same ip address. 

There is google recapture on there, which i have checked is working so something is solving the capture.

I'll add a character limit to the nickname field and see if this slows it down a bit. 

Actually i just checked the comment adding page, and its not verifying the google recapture, that could be it. 

I had already written the code for this but for some reason i have not added it to the page, hmm...

Verify The Google Recapture Server Php

Ah now they tell me..

Well they probably already were telling me, but i didnt look. 

Added recapture verification to the comments, so see if that stops the massive amounts of comment spam.

It takes ages to verifly the comment now, when submitted, oh well i guess that is the price for spam protection. 

You are very commenty mr 45.155... is commenty a word, probably not. 

23 Sep 2021

checking back a day later and only one spam comment, so it seems to have worked, installing the recapture callback checking works. 

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testing recap comment

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