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2:06 am, May 25, 2022

basic radio checklist - check and item and get its value in a textarea

a basic radio input type checklist, where you can only select one of the items in the list. 

Ok so no longer so basic. 

This script allows you to fil the value of a text area with the value of the selected radio element.



<div class="radio-list">
    <legend>basic radio checklist</legend>
    <label onclick="check_val();">
      <input type="radio" id="radio1" name="items" value="item1"> List Item One
    <label onclick="check_val();">
      <input type="radio" id="radio2" name="items" value="item2"> List Item Two

  <legend>clicked value</legend>
  <textarea id="result"></textarea>


label {
.radio-list {
textarea {


<script src=""></script>


function check_val() {
  var checked_val = $("input[name='items']:checked").val()
basic radio checklist
clicked value

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