find and replace hrefs in existing page links using jquery

sometimes i have to do these things when you cant change the source files for some reason, usually due to old code. Its kind of a patch, but it works. The reason i had to add a delay in running the function is that the links were also loaded in using ajax, so had to wait for them to render before running the replace. Also this may still break if the page is really slow to load, so you can run it at 5ms and 10ms just to make sure it does the replace. if you inspect the links they should all have the link=1 changed to link=3. If you are fast you can see the link change while you mouse over it.


<h3>The Links</h3>
<div class='link_box'>
<a href='?link=1&something_else=2' class='btn btn-primary'>Some Link 1</a>
<a href='?link=1&something_else=3' class='btn btn-primary'>Some Link 2</a>
<a href='?link=1&something_else=4' class='btn btn-primary'>Some Link 3</a>


function fix_my_links() {
$('.link_box a').each(function() {
		var the_href = $(this).attr('href');
		var new_href = the_href.replace('link=1', 'link=3');
		$(this).attr("href", new_href);
setTimeout(fix_my_links, 5000);
setTimeout(fix_my_links, 10000);

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