How to set a cookie and expire it in 30 days

Include the following script. Or you can grab the latest version at the cdnjs website.

<script src="" integrity="sha512-Meww2sXqNHxI1+5Dyh/9KAtvI9RZSA4c1K2k5iL02oiPO/RH3Q30L3M1albtqMg50u4gRTYdV4EXOQqXEI336A==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Using js-cookie

Set a cookie

Cookies.set('name', 'value')

Set a cookie with an expiry of 30 days

Cookies.set('name', 'value', { expires: 30 })

So here in this example the cookie called name, with the value of value will expire in the browser after 30 days. 

Further Documentation on JS Cookie 

Get the latest CDNJS version of this code here: 

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