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4:04 am, July 10, 2021

weird search results being recorded

i noticed some weird search results being recorded like this:

the search function should only be recording a result if it finds a result, so this should not be added unless it can actually find this text, which i doubt it. 

Some annoying robot is adding this i think. 



if($search_value > "") {
    $page_content .= $class->list_all(
        $start = $start_val,
        $max = $page_step,
        $search_term = $search_value

i think the issue is with the search link text being added from the url. it does not validate if the text exists on the page before adding it, so need a check on there before adding it. 


I have only allowed the characters on searches, so this should fix the random text issues now.


$search_text = preg_replace("/[^A-Za-z0-9 ]/", '', $search_text);

see if this solves the problem

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