truncate string using jquery

so lets say we had the following string on the page and we needed to make it a bit shorter for some reason. like if you dont have control of the code base...

Test String with some random text

grab the text and add it to a variable

var text = $('#text').html(); console.log(text);

now you need to count the number of characters you want to split off this text, so the 5 will be where it starts to grab the string and the 11 is where it stops.

var truncated = text.substring(5, 11); console.log(truncated);

this should show String in the test box

Test Area 1

var text = $('#text').html(); var truncated = text.substring(5, 11); $('#test1').html(truncated);

now lets append something to the end of it

Test Area 2

function test2() {
		var text = $('#text').html(); 
		var truncated = text.substring(5, 11) . "<span style='color:#0F0;'>..<span>"; 
		$('#test2').html(truncated).css("color", "#F00");

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