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4:06 am, September 2, 2021

function to load one latest item with a start val load_latest_single_num

This is the same as load oldest item based on insdate then update the insdate to now - load_latest_single_update but it allows you to add a start number to the range, so allows you to access the 2nd, 3rd, etc... newest items. 

Actually this loads the newest item with a number range. not the oldest like the linked post. 

Good for loading feature items ordered by the insdate. 


the same as load_latest_single but you can specify the range it will load.
for example, if you want to load the 2nd lates single item from the class
then add -- load_latest_single_num(1) and it will start at 1, rather than 0.

    /*public*/ function load_latest_single_num($start_num) {
        $out = "";
        $db_table_name = $this->db->escapeString($this->db_table_name);
        $start_num = $this->db->escapeString($start_num);
        $sql = "select * from $db_table_name order by insdate desc limit $start_num,1";
        $result = $this->db->query($sql);
        while($row = $result->fetchArray()) {
            $this->status = "Item Loaded";
            // auto load all items from the $load_array
            foreach($this->load_array as $load_title) {
                $this->$load_title = $row[$load_title];
            $this->loaded = true;
            return true;
        return false;

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