set and check a cookie using js cookie

this library makes setting and checking cookies so easy its amazing!

include this script

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

set a cookie

this will add a cookie with the name mycookie and the value hi there

Cookies.set('mycookie', 'hi there'); 

load a cookie


check if a cookie matches a value

if(Cookies.get('mycookie') !== 'hi there') {
	// cookie content does not match 
} else {
	// cookie content matches the string

delete the cookie



Note: you will need to check your browser cookies to see the cookie. In chrome you can see this with developer tools: F12. Then find the Applicatoin tab, and then Storage, Cookies for this domain, you should be able to see a cookie named 'moo'.

To see if its persistant (which it should be) reload this page and the cookie should still be there.

demo code

<p><button class='btn btn-primary' onclick="Cookies.set('moo', 'cow');">Set Cookie: 'moo' to 'cow'</button> <button class='btn btn-red' onclick="Cookies.remove('moo');">Delete the moo Cookie</button></p>


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