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6:32 am, June 29, 2021

globe svg testing (broken)

nope seems not to be working, it seems you cant just copy the glyph path into a normal svg and hope for the best, oh well i tried. 


<svg xmlns="" width="32" height="32" fill="white" class="globe-icon" viewBox="0 0 32 32">
  <path d="M507.904 109.397l8.192-16.384-6.144 20.48-2.048-4.096zM512 960c-282.77 0-512-229.23-512-512s229.23-512 512-512c282.77 0 512 229.23 512 512-0.388 282.613-229.386 511.612-511.962 512zM845.824 618.667h-299.691v204.8c131.399-12.878 241.834-91.782 298.705-202.685zM887.467 448c-0.008-36.474-5.243-71.722-14.998-105.040l-326.335 2.64v204.8h326.997c9.093-30.678 14.328-65.926 14.336-102.396zM136.533 448c0.008 36.474 5.243 71.722 14.998 105.040l326.335-2.64v-204.8h-326.997c-9.093 30.678-14.328 65.926-14.336 102.396zM477.867 821.419v-204.8h-299.691c57.856 113.018 168.292 191.922 298.142 204.677zM178.176 275.285h299.691v-204.8c-131.776 13.307-242.32 93-298.706 204.697zM546.133 70.485v204.8h299.691c-58.814-111.363-169.040-188.696-298.216-200.594z" />

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