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12:31 am, October 22, 2021

validate email address from string with jquery working function

Here is a working example of this post validate email address from string.

This has very basic checking of an email address by checking that the string has an @ and a . in it.

Note: this is still not checking the @ properly still working on this one. 

Update: I have split up the checking for the . and the @ as they were conflicting, they are detected now, but still may not give a valid email address check, as it only checks for the existance of the characters rather than their location in the string. So its just very basic validation. 

Validate Demo


<input type="email" id="emailfield" placeholder="Enter Email Address">
<button onclick="validate_email();">Check Email Address</button>


<script src="" referrerpolicy="no-referrer"></script>


function validate_email() {
        var emailfield = $("#emailfield").val();
        var atpos = emailfield.indexOf("@");
        var dotpos = emailfield.lastIndexOf(".");

        // check the @ 1st
        if(atpos >= 1) {} else {
          alert("Email missing @");
          return false;

        // check the dot pos
        if(dotpos >= 1) {} else {
          alert("Email missing .");
          return false;
        alert("Email is valid");

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