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12:52 am, September 2, 2021

moving the hits widget into the post header and footer

I wanted to make a smaller deal of the views page widget, i was adding it as a full widget and it does not need to be that huge so moving from widget area to the top of the post. 

Move it down into this area

I think when you first add a feature to a site, you want it to be very visible, but maybe a more subtle approach is better for things like this, as it does not really matter to the viewer how many times the page has been viewed. 


// old code adding to widget
if(isset($hits->hits)) {
	$hits_card = new template("card-title.html");
	$hits_card->set("title", "Page Views");
	$hits_card->set("content", "<p>This page has been viewed <b>$hits->hits</b> times.</p>");

// new code adding to page template
$template->set("hits", "");
if(isset($hits->hits)) {
	$template->set("hits", $hits->hits);

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