Objects in javascript

creating and using an object in javascript, the full version of this testing is on codepen

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// creating an object
var anObject = {
  name: "this is an object",
  "object number": 2,
  more_strings: 3,
  "object array": ["one", "two"]
// is this an object?
console.log("anObject is a " + typeof anObject);
console.log("anObject length " + anObject.length); // objects dont have length

var anArray = [ ["i am an array"],["i am an array"] ];
console.log("anArray is a " + typeof anArray);
// this will also show that this is an object

console.log("anArray length " + anArray.length); // arrays do have length but are also type of object

// accessing the object values
var object_name = anObject.name;

var object_number = anObject["object number"]; // to access the object with the string as a name you need to use the brackets similar to an array. 

// access it via a dynamic variable name
var obj_var_name = "more_strings";
var more_strings_val = anObject[obj_var_name];
console.log("more_strings_val: "+more_strings_val);



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