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4:29 am, June 11, 2021

ajax callback to delete with sweet alert confirmation to make it cool! 😎

I recently wanted to to an ajax call back on a list of items just to make it easier to move around the place, rather than it reloading the page every time. So i thought why not also use sweet alert on this for the confirmations. 

I think it worked out pretty nicely.

Here is a version of this but not deleting items (hopefully) you can just change the button callback to whatever your delete url is, after your login stuff etc. 

Video Demo of the Popup

Here is is in action removing spam comments! So much spam still gets through even though i have google recapcha and also my spam detection function, but i guess they are just manually adding them.


<div class='card mb-3' id='go-red'>
  <div class='card-header'>this will emulate the deleted item</div>
  <div class='card-body'>Delete me!</div>
<button class='btn btn-danger' onclick="delete_item('','#go-red');">Delete Me!</button>


function delete_item(url,id) {{
			  title: 'Do you want to delete this item?',
			  showDenyButton: true,
			  showCancelButton: true,
			  confirmButtonText: 'Delete',
			  denyButtonText: 'Dont Delete',
			}).then((result) => {
			  /* Read more about isConfirmed, isDenied below */
			  if (result.isConfirmed) {
					  url: url,
					  context: document.body
					}).done(function() {
					  $( id ).addClass( 'alert-danger' );'Deleted!', '', 'success')
			  } else if (result.isDenied) {'Not Deleted', '', 'info')

this will emulate the deleted item
Delete me!

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