how to install js socials for social media share buttons and make them rounded

This should be a nice quick one on how to install js socials which add social media sharing buttons on your pages. 

Yeah i always just ignore these as well, but hey some people may use them??

How to get JS Socials Installed

  1. Include the following scripts in your header and footer.
  2. in your html add the link with the id for the jssocials and where they will appear when initialized.
  3. you will need to add a document ready for this to initialize as it needs to load after jquery.



<div id='shareRoundIcons'></div>


<!-- Add to Header -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-XdjXkWkkWkIFXdaUPqMs2QZ852gpPlCcOGuh3K7moTCvtYQTifqrsOfkgca5XKCDTwzFnJ4L8fiz7T+Z5EDAmA==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

<!-- Pick a Theme css file from cdnjs and include it also in header  (or the top part of your page) -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-6CFPe+s2UMHiXIU0hjLhOdBxicnFldBLchaaPK2e6+1n1lr9/X+1beyPgr1NqhV89wY0qACXM3ER9MAm4BSi3A==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

<!-- Add to Footer -->
<script src="" integrity="sha512-3Ov4ZromgNap5Adyn3V0/q2CAaW3u38FTpOhDNuM5zkQ7Zcm9/NMtuO7xmBsb/HPqdA2AP9AHq1N2WOUdNzkKA==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


    showLabel: true,
    showCount: true,
    shares: ["email", "twitter", "facebook", "googleplus", "linkedin", "pinterest", "stumbleupon", "whatsapp"]

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