add a toast alert when logging in with half moon

example of adding a document dom ready wait and then the script that launches a new toast message

just adapting a php cms using halfmoon as the ui, its quite nice. 

a bit bright in non dark mode but otherwise i like it


<script src="" integrity="sha512-8fN/MQrHBCMmkx2t4QwGODGHwQf8VxCeNwNkJz0gjt5JrlUfJ5zNlMr9lrzhnl7DSN+5E16YmMHnfomnQmvSoA==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


function toastMe(alertTitle,alertContent) {
        content: alertContent,      // Required, main content of the alert, type: string (can contain HTML)
        title: alertTitle,          // Optional, title of the alert, default: "", type: string
        alertType: "",              // Optional, type of the alert, default: "", must be "alert-primary" || "alert-success" || "alert-secondary" || "alert-danger"
        fillType: "",               // Optional, fill type of the alert, default: "", must be "filled-lm" || "filled-dm" || "filled"
        hasDismissButton: true,     // Optional, the alert will contain the close button if true, default: true, type: boolean
        timeShown:10000             // Optional, time the alert stays on the screen (in ms), default: 5000, type: number


if(isset($_SESSION["global_login"])) {
	$page_content['main'] .= "<p class='message'>Login Success</p>";
	$page_content['main'] .= "<script>document.addEventListener(\"DOMContentLoaded\", function(event) {
    toastMe(alertTitle = 'Login Success',alertContent = 'You are now logged in! โ˜•');

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