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9:16 am, May 29, 2022

php convert number with k on the end to full number

I have a function that converts raw numbers into shorthand or human readable numbers, but was wondering how to convert these back if they are stored in that format, and also makes it better if you are comparing the values. 

This can convert k thousand, m million, and b billion shorthand. 

I found the solution code here, modified a bit to make into a function. 

I have created a more permanent tool page for this : Convert Shorthand Number


// convert_short_number function
function convert_short_number($snum) {
  $map = array("k" => 1000,"m" => 1000000,"b" => 1000000000,"t" => 1000000000000);
  $money = $snum;
  list($value,$suffix) = sscanf($money, "%f%s");
  $final = $value*$map[$suffix];

// examples
// thousands test or k, why is it not t for thousands...?
$k_test = "23.8k";
$k_test_result = convert_short_number($snum = $k_test);
echo "<p>Converting $k_test to $k_test_result</p>";

// million test
$mil_test = "11.3m";
$mil_test_result = convert_short_number($snum = $mil_test);
echo "<p>Converting $mil_test to $mil_test_result</p>";

// billion test
$bil_test = "136.87b";
$bil_test_result = convert_short_number($snum = $bil_test);
echo "<p>Converting $bil_test to $bil_test_result</p>";

// trillion test
$tril_test = "158.293t";
$tril_test_result = convert_short_number($snum = $tril_test);
echo "<p>Converting $tril_test to $tril_test_result</p>";

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