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1:56 am, July 4, 2022

Factorio Megabase-In-A-Book

Just in case i decide to start up playing factorio again...

Megabase in a Book Lets Play

Book Contents

  • Copper Smelting
  • Iron Smelting
  • Steel Smelting (from Ore)
  • Steel Smelting (from Plate)
  • Green Circuits
  • Plastic (Coal Liquefaction)
  • Red Circuits
  • OIl Refining
  • Blue Circuits
  • Modules
  • Battery
  • Solar Panels/Accumulators
  • Low Density Structure
  • Stone Brick
  • Rocket Silo
  • Satellite
  • Control Unit
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Uranium Processing
  • Explosives
  • Central Rogo-HUB Stations
  • Science Labs Robots (1350 SPM)
  • Science Labs (1350 SPM)
  • Automation Science (5400 / min)
  • Logistics Science (5400 / min)
  • Chemical Science (2700 / min)
  • Utility Science (2700 / min)
  • Production Science (2700 / min)
  • Military Science
  • Copper Mining
  • Oil Loading
  • On-site Smelting - Copper
  • On-site Steel Smelting
  • Train Loader
  • Central Robo-HUB
  • Straight Rail Segment
  • T-Intersection Ral Segment
  • X-Intersection Rail Segment
  • Generic 4 Lane Unload Station
  • Artillery Outpost
  • Solar Power
  • Extended Solar City Block
  • Not-A-Wall
  • Megabase Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Digital Display
  • Direct Mining
  • Direct Smelting Module
  • Train-to-Train Smelting
  • Smelting Module (3 blocks)
  • Train-to-Train Plastic from Oil
  • Train-To-Train Steel

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