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5:38 am, June 12, 2021

RS3 Thieving Log - Safe Cracking

So thieving is one of those annoying non afk rs3 skills, but only until you get to the workers in prif at level 92. 

Currently im 86 so safe cracking runs until 92, then it will be a bit more afk. 

Here is the run im going to start with see how much XP it gives me.

Safe Cracking Wiki

Gear Setup

  • Stethoscope 
  • Looting Bag
  • Runes for Teles

Set house location to Yanille, and then can tele there. 

According to the wiki the optimal speed route is:

  1. Teleport to Camelot using spell; loot both safes on ground floor of Camelot Castle
  2. Teleport to Ardougne using spell; loot both upper floor building safes surrounding Ardougne market. Skip Ardougne castle safes.
  3. Teleport to Yanille using House teleport spell (set your house location to yanille); loot ground-floor safe south of lodestone, and the upper-floor safe in the pub to the east.
  4. Repeat.

Safe Map

Camelot Safe Location

Ardougne Safe One Location

the safe north of the Ardougne tele

Ardougne Safe Two Location

Yanille Safe One Location

Just near the house tele or the loadstone

Yanille Safe TwoLocation

upstairs in the inn

And now head back to camelot and the 1st 2 safes there should be ready to go again. 

3,791,000 xp Starting Safe Cracking. 

87 Thieving

Loot bag hand in, quite good exp as well. 40k or something. 

I got 88 thieving but i was on mobile so missed the screen shot, my android phone is quite slow, so lagged while taking it. Oh well still safe cracking. 

89 Thieving

Still safe cracking, seems to go quite quick. Fairly AFK. 

Hmm i think i added these updates to the general leveling progress, oh well. I just missed the screen shot for 94!

Im getting a few errors loading imgur, it worries me, maybe i should move the images from there... there is a lot of image content riding on imgur now.

94 Thieving

95 Thieving

Still safe cracking, and then prif workers every 20 minutes. Good loot and money from them. 

97 thieving

Still safe cracking, these are the prif districts that i can now pick pocket, but only get about 2 minutes before lock out of each. 

Not sure if its worth tele to prif every 20 minutes for this, for the loot its good.

98 Thieving

Safe cracking again...  nearly there.

And im done with safe cracking finally, seemed not too slow. but i have been doing it for a while now...

Phew... 3 more 99's to go, actually 4 but farming is less than 1k off 99. 

And to celebrate 99, runescape just crashed. Thanks...

Anyway, cape # 20 something. 

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