Moving the cursor on iPhone 11

In IOS 13 they added a nice feature that makes moving around the cursor a bit easier. You used to have to hold where you wanted the cursor on the text and then move it around with your finger, which could be a bit tricky at times as you cant see through your finger.

Now you can hold down the space bar, and move the cursor that way.

So now to enable the trackpad on iphone 11 (not sure which ios this is enabled in, i think its from IOS13) You need to long press on the space bar which then you can drag around to move the cursor about the place.

Here is what you can do to test if this works on your iOS device.

  1. Open the notes app, or any app that allows you to type something.
  2. Type some text
  3. Hold down the space bar and your keyboard will go blank, turning it into a trackpad where you can move your finger around to move the text cursor.

Here is an animated example

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