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3:35 am, May 5, 2021

RS3 Divination Leveling Log

Ok here we go with leveling divination. Im currently at 86. Im doing the Brilliant wisps as i dont have access to the dragon tooth island. So will stick with these for a little while. 

I guess this is a good enough timer

Well that was quick, i guess only 25k xp.

88 here we go, 2 hours and 50 minutes for that level but it was using bonus and also double xp so i guess quicker than usual.

89. This one seemed to take a while, not sure why.  Approx 4 hours. Must have been not looking enough or something. 

90 was on mobile, been a bit slack this weekend. Nearly 91...

Displaying Screenshot (9 May 2021...

And 91. Think ill give it a bit of a rest tonight. that last level took ages! Must be doing something wrong. Looks like about 5 hours, but i had to cap the clan twice and i think i left the dxp running. So maybe that was the extra time. 

Level 92 Divination

Half way there

93 Divination

Did this one in an hour and a bit, as they had 75% off lamps in the shop so spent all my spare odments on them.

Hmm i have missed a couple of levels here, and just missed the 96! Distracted. Seems very slow to level... and boring.

Ok im back with 97.. seems so slow to level! But nearly there...

So it appears that i should have been paying attention here. I was training in the wrong place for 95+ doh! Also i had enough fragments to make the new div set from invention, so also made that one. 

Elder Divination Set

The teleports are useful, otherwise id have no idea where the 95+ area even was. 

This kinda tells you were to level, but the only problem is im already 97 before i even get the set, so before then i have to check the wiki to figure it out. 

Anyway for future reference, this is the 95+ place for divination training.

Holy Rift Clicking! That is what you have to do now to convert the memories, its like a mega menu or something, then search for the blue text to convert. 

And im done with divination for a while... Until i actually need it. 

99 Divination Done!

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