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4:56 am, June 10, 2022

Site Widget Controls

Currently the widgets on this site, the things on the right hand side, are pretty much automatic and just load in as they please. 

Current Widget Load Process:

  1. Call widget class. 
  2. Add widget into format.
  3. Call Page
  4. Page calls widgets or adds widgets
  5. All widgets are displayed in the same order they are added to the widget class. 

View Page, adds widgets to existing widget list

What i would like to have happen:

  1. Call widget class
  2. have some default widgets called globally
  3. be able to override these widgets per page
  4. be able to order the widgets differently. 

How do we achieve this? 

I think this can be done with the current widget class. 

PHP - widget.class.php

manage widgets for sidebar
class widgets {

    public $widgets;
    public $template = "widget.html";
    public function __construct() {

    function add($html) {
        $this->widgets[] = $html;
    function sort() {
    function show() {
        if(!is_array($this->widgets)) { return; }
    	$widgets_html = "";
    	$template = new template($this->template);
    	foreach ($this->widgets as $key => $html) {
            $template->set("html", $html);
    		$template->set("id", $key);
    		$widgets_html .= $template->output();
    	return $widgets_html;



HTML - widget.html

the html wrapper for the widget item

<div class='widget mb-3' id="w[@id]">


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