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10:36 pm, October 31, 2022

Windows Reinstall Again - 2022 Edition

Following up from this post, where i listed all my old apps, it seems that i have just as many useless apps installed and i feel like the system could be running better again. 

Note: Adobe, its just so annoying and massive! 

Lets do a new list and see what i actually need and use. 

I think i need to add a database of these apps and which ones are actually useful.. (Idea for later)

146 apps again. Really... how? 

Most Common Apps

Most used... Actually not VLC or Core Temp, even VS Code can go probably. 

Apps that i Need? (install after windows)

These are always used apps. Usually you can just goto the ninite installer page and get all these in a nice bundle, which saves a ton of time finding and downloading one at a time. 

  • ShareX : I love this screen sharing app! 
  • Drive Sync (Google Drive) : No comment, but it works.
  • 7Zip : a nice clean archive app
  • : My software editor of choice, yes i prefer it to VSCode, it just seems lighter and easier once its setup. 
  • Steam : Yep i need this (sometimes) 
  • Brave : I have switched from chrome to brave, its much nicer. 
  • Core Temp : Good to see what your PC is running at, nice simple temp monitor.
  • CPUID : Also good to know your PC specs.
  • Dell Display manager : Nice to have control of your monitor from the task bar. 
  • JDK - Eclipse Temurin JDK : for running minecraft fast
  • FileZilla : FTP
  • GIMP : Much better for photo editing than anything Adobe and free
  • HL-1110 : Printer Driver
  • KLite Codec Pack : This is useful i think
  • Legion Accessory Central : control the lights for the keyboard
  • Malware Bytes : I do find this one useful, even though the messages are annoying. 
  • VSCode : I might try use this instead of Atom, it is easier to setup and get working than atom. 
  • Minecraft : Yes
  • Firefox : I usually use this as my second browser
  • Notion : Notes
  • NVidia Drivers : Need these
  • Virtual Box : handy for running VM's so i dont make my PC messy installing random apps
  • Pure VPN : can be useful for VPN'ing
  • Nord VPN : ^^ 
  • QBittorrent : needed for downloading isos and other torrent related things
  • Realtech Audio Console : motherboard specific driver software
  • Remote Desktop : Use the one from the windows app store its quite good, better than the built in version. 
  • Signal : Chatting
  • Tortoise SVN : SVN Checkouts for wordpress plugins and other SVN repositories
  • VNC Viewer : remote desktop local machines
  • VLC Media Player : dont use this often, but it is useful.

Apps that i sometimes need (install later)

These are utilities or things that i use rarely. 

  • Driver Booster : This one i install after windows, run it to update all the drivers and then uninstall it as its really annoying and persistent. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud : I install this when i actually need to open a PSD or something, and it always takes ages to install and just is a lot of bloated crap really. I remember when a version of photoshop was about 5-10mb, what did they do! 

  • Alt1 Toolkit : This i used to use all the time, as a timer for runescape, now that i have dropped this addiction, i can move away from this tool. But it was useful at the time. 

  • Barrier : I used to use this to share screen with the mac, but it just disconnects and is annoying more than its useful, so i wont be reinstalling this. 

  • Battle Net : I probably will install this again, once i want to play a blizzard game, but not urgent. 

  • Epic Games Launcher : No.

  • iMazing : convert the HEIC photos, its ok...

  • iTunes : do i need this?

  • Winamp : I still try and love this app, but really its not good anymore. just the music player that comes with windows is far and away better than this now. I tried to keep loving you!
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