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10:07 pm, March 2, 2021

google chrome tabs not saving when reloading the browser

When i noticed the tab groupings in chrome, i thought, awesome ill group some of my most used tabs together then when i start up for the day they will be there rather than having to load them again manually. 

Add to tab group menu

So i created my group and restarted the browser. All gone. :(

Even looking in history there is no place that i could see where the tabs were saved.

Thats a bit weird.

So further looking around, there is a setting called "Continue where you left off". Would you really need this just to save tab groups? Seems like there should be a more stickier way to save these groups. But ok ill try it. 

You can find the setting, just go into 

  1. Settings
  2. On Startup
  3. Check the "Continue where you left off" Box

This should save automatically.

Lets create a group and restart the browser and see if that fixes it.

Bonus Tip: if you dont want to pick a name for the tab, you can just leave it blank to have a dot, or you can add an emoji to it, like ❤

I guess the tab groups are still a new feature so they are ironing the bugs out. But still would it not be easier to just add an option to bookmarks or something with tab groups where you can organise them and see the ones you have already saved?

Nope tested doing that and the tab group still dissapeared. Oh well will have to wait for an update for chrome, as i cant see any other soloutions to this one. For now...

Just checked for an update now, and it seems there already is one out, so will see if that is one of the bug fixes in this one. 

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