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1:11 pm, August 28, 2021

Creating an NFT - bbyalienyodi

Ok here we go, i am trying a new NFT. what is this? Non Fungable Token, basically its a gif or image that is tradable.

Here is my first design... 

The name is 

Alien Yodi

Code name bbyalienyodi

You need to have 12 characters, so thats what i have added. Its an alien, and yodi is kinda unique? and its small so bby.

ok so I have done a bit of work in my younger years creating animated gif's with my weapon (app) of choice being GIMP its just easy, anyway. Here is my first NFT, or yours if you have a spare 1 WAX token.... or whatever the auction is up too.

ok so its listed now. yay? but now i have run out of WAX and am unable to creat another autcion to getmore WAX so now i have to add more somehow. 

i have another asset with chains, but no more WAX to list it, oh well will have to see if the 1st one sells...

Here it is! only 0.10 WAX which is low i think... 

So if i want to list any more NFT's i need more WAX... and the min buy is 100... is that USD? why is the min amount 100$ cant i just buy $5???... im really not ready to invest 100$ in my animated gif WAX randomness. 

Ah yeah moon pay, that sounds like something i want to give my $100 of real USD to...

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