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5:46 am, November 8, 2021

Forster Cam Log's

I found that you can access the webcam for forster from here, its quite nice to watch this stream as I used to go for holidays up here, you can see if the tide is going in or out. Quite relaxing really. I have on my daily todo list to check the Cam as it brightens up my day a bit. I thought i would log some of the cam images here, just for interest. 

Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Sunday, 5 Dec 2021

Friday, 3 Dec 2021

Thursday, 2 Dec 2021

Wed, 1 Dec 2021

Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021

Monday, 29 Nov 2021

Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

Tide is coming in. 

Tuesday, 23 Nov 2021

I think they need to clean the windows up there, its getting blurry! or was it always blurry. 

Monday, 22 Nov 2021

Friday, 19 Nov 2021

Rainy day in forster today.

Wednesday, 17 Nov 2021

Left it a bit late today, but still made it before dark.

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2021

Cam does not like me today, just keeps loading screen.

Monday, 15 Nov 2021

Nice weather today!

Saturday, 13 Nov 2021

Friday, 12 Nov 2021

Very nice day up there today, here its raining!

Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021

Webcam is down. 😢

Tried again, its working but night time now.

Tuesday, 9 Nov 2021


Monday, 8 Nov 2021

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