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12:11 am, February 18, 2022

Dagannoth - RS3 Slayer Monster Locations and Techniques


Dagannoth cannon location

Melee the Dagannoth's!

Dagannoth Method

Use the Dagannoth mask to tele to the lighthouse, bring cannon if you can be bothered. Fairly easy task just bring melee gear, the Dagannoth are agressive, and dont seem to do too much damage. 

Actually it seems that they do a bit of damage, might still need to use soul split on these ones. 

Deflect Missiles seems to work better than soul split. 

Using deflect missiles seems to work better here than soul split. Its pretty much afk at that point. 

Deflect Missiles and a Demon Horn Necklace to restore prayer, then a couple of sharks to restore HP if needed. 

Dagannoth Drops

Are rubbish, its all pretty much trash and can be dropped. Fish 

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