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6:27 am, June 12, 2021

Clean Windows Setup

So i was watching a video today where they went through setting up and cleaning a windows installation, and man i thought i really want to do this. 

My PC and Laptop just get so cluttered with apps and just so many things, so when i have some spare time... I am going to do this. 

Surely i cant be using all of these apps!

Desktop PC Apps installed

Lets get cleaning.

Now to list all the apps that i actually use before reinstalling. I will note the reinstall process here. 

Before i start here is the inpiration video and link:

Video Source

How to set up a laptop. Keeping a clean and simple desktop

Looks so clean, i want it! :)

I always have a ton of random apps on my desktop as well that i just never access. 

Ok here are my current apps on desktop.

Desktop PC

Usage: Web Development and Light Gaming

Apps that i actually use (in no particular order):

  • Google Drive (backup and sync)
  • Atom (backs up settings to git (hopefully))
  • Alt1 Toolkit
  • Barrier
  • Bitdefender
  • Bookwrite
  • Brave
  • Easy Imgur
  • GIMP
  • glasswire
  • Mouse Without Borders
  • ShareX
  • Adobe Suite (have to disable some of the background things this app does)
  • Geforce Drivers
  • Legion Accessories (Keyboard)
  • Random Bluetooth driver for my $5 bluetooth dongle (i think this was annoying to install) (G:\My Drive\Apps\btdriv) doc is in the zip. 
  • Driver Booster (install to update drivers and then uninstall it) here
  • 7 Zip
  • Battle Net - not really used, will install it if i want to play a blizz game again. 
  • Brave - i have replaced chrome with brave lately on pc anyway
  • Chia - yeah i wont be reinstalling this
  • Steam
  • Filezilla - FTP
  • iTunes
  • KeyPass
  • Node
  • Virtual Box
  • KLite Codec Pack
  • Malware Bytes
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Netflix
  • PureVPN
  • Putty
  • Speccy
  • VNC Viewer
  • Tortoise SVN
  • VLC Media Player
  • Notion
  • Nvidia Card Drivers
  • QBitTorrent
  • Remote Desktop Windows App (better than the built in RDP client)
  • Runescape 
  • Runelite
  • Signal
  • VNC Viewer
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