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11:17 pm, July 20, 2021

Steps to install mac os on windows virtual machine

just some quick notes on this

Getting the mac os vm is the tricky part.

This downloads the os and adds to virtual box apparently.

Install virtual box

Run this script to download the os and create a virtual box…

Cygwin install

cygwin will be missing the following packages so run the installer for cygwin and find these packages

Saying its missing the following:

some of them you need to pick the version, just pick the latest and it will install it on next.

Also needed is the xxd package, which it does not check for. 

Keep running the script and it will keep telling you what is missing. 

in cygwin type ./ you might also need to make it +x with

chmod +x

Now its telling me that virtualbox is not accessable

had to go in and change the path to where i had virtual box installed, running now and seems to be working ok.


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